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CT Green Party Listservs

Statewide listservs:

Committee and caucus listservs:

Chapter Listservs

Rules and Etiquette for CT Green Party Listservs


Presently there are two automated email lists (listservs): the CT Green Party Forum and the CT Green Party News. It is in the best interest of the Party to keep these lists a viable place for the purpose of information dissemination and civil discourse for all members of the Green Party of CT. Because the substance of a grassroots democracy is the community in which the democracy functions, and because the community comprises human beings, feelings do matter in this political party. Therefore, an honest effort should be made, in posting material to the listserver, to respect the feelings of anyone mentioned in the posting and of all recipients thereof. Most organizational listservs have rules for members. Keep in mind that membership on a listserv is a responsibility and a privilege, not a right.

General Rules for News and Forum

Enforcement of These Rules

Posts will not be pre-screened, but a moderator(s), chosen by the State Central Committee (Coordinating Council, or CC), will review submissions and enforce the above rules. A violation of the above rules will result in a warning. If another violation occurs, the subscriber will not be allowed to post for three months. If the subscriber continues to violate the rules after the three months of probation, they will be removed as a subscriber permanently. Any subscriber permanently removed has the right to have his/her case reviewed by an adhoc Appeals Board, to be formed by no more than one member from every chapter, with members to be designated by the chapters and whom should preferably be listserver subscribers.